IMPORTANT: All drivers must have completed all the below inductions and have the appropriate ID/authorization passes

External Company Name: Recur Transport

Port Contact (Operational Area): ROAD ASSIST

Supervisor/Dispatcher – Truck Drivers Only: KATE ESTEVES

Supervisor/Dispatcher Contact Number: 09 889 06620

Purpose of Visit to Ports: BUSINESS

External Role: DRIVER

Estimated Frequency of Port Visits: Daily

Supervisor/Dispatcher Email: DISPATCH@RECUR.CO.NZ

Port Contact (Name): KATE ESTEVES

1. Ports of Auckland [Fergusson Container TerminalJellicoe/ Multicargo ID]
Follow the link below to complete H & S induction-

2. Ports of Tauranga
Follow the link below to complete H & S induction

3. Metrobox MBX/SCS
Book a time for induction (allow for about half a day) Contact –

4. Metroport/KiwiRail CT / Southdown Terminals / Hamilton CT
All drivers entering Southdown Container Terminal must have undergone this online induction

IMPORTANT: Make sure you complete the Hamilton CT site induction (with the same login)

KiwiRail Learning Exchange Guide.pdf