Our company moves shipping containers of two main types: twenty-foot long and forty-foot long containers. Forty-foot containers are twice as long as twenty-foot containers, and therefore take twice as much space on a truck. When talking about numbers of containers, we express it in the following way:
● 10 x 20’ means 10 twenty-foot long containers
● 5 x 40’ means 5 forty-foot long containers, etc

You have 3 trucks available:

  1. Platinum is a regular truck that can move in one round either 2 x 20’ containers or 1 x
    40’ container maximum.
  2. Warrior is a tri-box truck that can carry one more 20’ container than a regular truck. I.e.,
    it can be loaded with up to 3 x 20’ containers or a combination of 1 x 40’ plus 1 x 20’
  3. Kangaroo is also a tri-box truck.