How to Stay Fit on the Road

Being on the road can be hard, especially sitting for a longer period with little to no activity. Truck drivers normally get about 30min break every 5½ hours they worked, and they are also entitled to at least x2 15mins break. On average they would work 10-11hrs in total a day, both night and day shift.

Being seated for 11hours can cause bad posture (poked neck, rounded shoulders, lower and upper back rounded forward this may due to tight chest from leaning forward. Gluteal muscles will be affected by sitting down longer hours and tight hip flexors and weak on the abdominal muscles area, due to bad posture.
Within this 11hrs, they are mostly on the road, seated with less activity so, it is important that they at least doing some sort of stretching or exercise to keep their body active and in shape

Here are some activities that truck drivers could do to improve posture and a healthy lifestyle while on the road:
15mins stretch is all it takes to make a change in their everyday routine
Truck’s driver can perform these stretches while sitting in the car
-Chin tuck stretch (this will prevent paining in neck causing headaches)
-Chair twists stretch (stretches the spine, shoulders and hips)
-Above the head chest stretch (this is good to loosen up tight chest, and you can perform this sitting or standing up)
-Scapula retraction (squeeze shoulder blades together and hold for 15secs)
-Wall/Car door stretch (hold for at least 30secs on each side, this will help stretch each side of your chest separately)
Walking around the truck and do various stretches that will help improve posture during their 30 or 15 minutes break

For truck drivers that has access to any gym equipment’s or a gym, these are some of the workouts that they could do:
-bench press (BB or DB)
-assisted pull ups
-barbell bent over row
-seated shoulder press (BB or DB)
-bicep curls (BB or DB)
-leg press
-hip thrust
-sit ups

*Recommended doing x3 sets & x10-12 reps each, take 60-90 seconds rest in between, try incorporating 15 min HIIT cardio
• increase metabolism, which means you burn more calories faster even after your workout is done
• you can do it at home without any equipment’s
• Increase Speed and Endurance
Cycling is another good cardio to burn calories and help improve posture
Have something to eat after 30mins of workout, otherwise they will go hungry and start binge eating or take a snack to eat 15mins after workout.

Written by Hugo Phillipps