• You can stop being a loan service for your customers. You are an Owner Driver, not a loan service. So why are you letting your company put off paying you late? The fact of the matter is, if you have as little as $4,000 a month in rolling accounts receivable, over the course of a year that equals giving out $50,000 in micro-loans!
  • You will have the money you need to grow your business more quickly. This is, of course a no-brainer. While you may be thrilled when you look at your accounts receivables, if the money is not in your bank account, you cannot use it to invest in the important things like growing your business. And the longer you wait to get paid, the more it is holding your business back.
  • You will have more time to focus on your core business. When you receive  payments on time, you’ll spend less time on chasing overdue bills and more time doing what you do best.
  • You will eliminate the frustration of tracking unpaid invoices.This is a HUGE pain, and a labor-intensive process.

Enjoy the hidden benefits of getting paid on time… every time with Recur Transport.

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